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We want to build a sustainable, mutually supportive cohousing community in the Cheltenham/Tewkesbury/Stroud area. The scheme would be custom designed around the needs of each of our individual members. We believe that the optimum size would be around eight to fifteen households. We plan to build a range of apartments, which will make the scheme more suitable for couples and single people than families.


All the homes would be very green with minimal energy costs. They would be highly space-efficient, as the residents would share many facilities such as a communal meeting/activity room and a kitchen/dining area for occasional meals together. There might also be shared spaces for work, craft, leisure and laundry, plus guest room and a car share scheme.


The location of the project is important. We want to be close to local amenities like shops, pubs, GP surgery, etc. Good public transport links would also be vital. This suggests an urban/town centre location.


The development would enable many of us to ‘right size’ – freeing-up our existing homes for larger households. By working together as a community to create this development we won’t just build homes; we’ll build a supportive, integrated, active, and engaged group of neighbours. 


We are all willing to invest in good design, good landscaping, quality materials and wider community benefit. This is not a ‘gated community’. We wish to engage as individuals and as a group with the surrounding neighbourhood, both contributing to it and welcoming other local people to come and use some of our facilities. 


We believe that the scheme would be a credit to Gloucestershire and would quickly become a beacon of innovative best practice, attracting visitors from far and wide to see and learn from what we establish together.


We are keen to develop a strong relationship with local councils who support our objectives. We would be delighted to meet with housing and planning teams and with interested Council Members to explore how they may be able to help us to identify or secure a suitable plot of land. 

Site Update 2023

We currently have two sites that we may be able secure in the coming months. There are still hurdles to clear, and because construction costs have gone up so much the prices are likely to be higher than some equivalent sized new homes.

We estimate a one bedroom apartment will cost about £270,000 to £300,000. Larger apartments will also be available to buy, but there will be no rental units. The homes will be constructed to a high specification, there will be communal facilities and an electric car sharing scheme. All the homes will have access to a garden or balcony. We plan to build homes designed for single people and couples without dependent children.

Our Vision

Next Steps

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